On Sunday, on the invitation of Padmanabham mandala parishad president Kantubhotu Rambabu garu, the chief guest for the inauguration of the newly constructed Sri Dharmashasta Seva Peetam in Maddi Panchayat, former minister Bhimili constituencies legislator respected Muttamsetty Srinivasarao garu Seva Peetham was inaugurated by his hands. On the occasion of the inauguration ceremony, Yajja, Homa, Pooja programs were conducted grandly in the courtyard of Seva Peetam from 6 to 8 in the morning. Traditional and scientifically, Veda Pandits arranged a special room on the meda between the chanting and chanting of Ayyappa Swamy. After that, food donation program was undertaken for 5000 people. Mr. Avanti speaking in this Dharma Shasta Seva Peetham, devotees of Ayyappa Swamy, Bhavani Maladars can perform special poojas and mandali programs, and that is why the devotees who are in Swami’s deeksha will continue the food donation program every day, in the Peetham which is a good abode for spirituality, everyone should participate in the pooja that is held every day and get divine blessings in this program from three districts Youth Division President Muttamshetti Siva Nandish Babu garu – MPP Kantubhotu Rambabu garu – Mandal YCP groups participated.

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